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Plasma, projectors and camera

We are one of the reputed companies that provide audio visual equipment on rentals for various events, award shows, launches etc. Some of our exclusive offerings are displayed as follows:

Plasma Screen

We have a very large inventory of wall and stand mountable LCD/PLASMA screens in various sizes. Apart from stand alone applications, we can also provide LCD and Plasma walls with very small seams/gaps. These Plasma/LCD screens are available for Rental and Hiring Purpose.


We provide large range of projectors both for mobile presentations (2000 to 4000 Lumen) and for large events. (5000 Lumen onwards) on Rental and Hiring basis.

Video Camera

We provide large range of professional cameras on Rental and Hiring basis which can either be used to record various events or to display live events on to large video displays.

Major Achievement

Nutech has added a number of clients and we have done some remarkable work in the past that has been acclaimed by clients and viewers. Some of the major events in which we have participated and provided our audio visual equipment in various categories are:

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Our services are not only limited to product supply but we have a well managed team of experts taking care of all the implementation needs. During shows, events and meetings, our experts are always available to maintain a smooth functioning of our equipment. We provide quality assurance and offer products that are manufactured by reputed companies only. We have provided equipment and services to some major brand names like, Microsoft, Hyundai, Toyota, Sony TV...

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