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Service & Support


Our services are not only limited to product supply but we have a well managed team of experts taking care of all the implementation needs. During shows, events and meetings, our experts are always available to maintain a smooth functioning of our equipment. We provide quality assurance and offer products that are manufactured by reputed companies only. We have provided equipment and services to some major brand names like, Microsoft, Hyundai, Toyota, Sony TV, Zee TV, Samsung, Bajaj, Microsoft, many prominent studios and many more.

Technical Support

We have a team of dedicated, technically qualified and experienced staff. The members of the team have gained experience over a period of time and have been instrumental in making many events successful. Our people are trained to pay attention to the smallest details like laying the wiring, using the right connectors etc. while installing the equipment and also to understand and work in co-ordination with other professionals.

Product and Service Upgradation

We are into this service for more than a decade. We have evolved into an excellent product and service provider through the course of time. Our quality of equipment and services do not vary with the size of events. We meet all the requirements with equal attention for a small meeting as well as for mega events and shows. From a small A/V system to multiple and allied hi-tech A/V arrangements, we strive for perfection. We are equipped with all emergency requirements that assist in smooth running of the event. We have tie-ups with different agencies just to facilitate our clients with additional and related services.

Customer Satisfaction

Our aim is to provide complete customer satisfaction that will enable us to serve them for a longer period of time. We have added a lot of new customers and always receive positive feedback from existing clients. We try to improve with every new event, giving something fresh and better to our clients. We have received special acclaim in many of the major events where we were involved.

Range of Products

Nutech supplies a variety of equipment for a complete audio visual presentation purpose. They are of the best quality in the industry offering excellent performance at a fair cost. We have maintained a large inventory of audio visual products comprising LED Walls, cube walls, Plasma / LCD wall monitors, BARCO ultra high resolution Projectors, Over head projectors, Visual presenters, Slide to video converters, Front/ Rear projection screens, Electronic copy boards, VCRs, Cameras, Amplifiers, Mixers, Speakers etc. All our products and accessories can be installed easily & offer uninterrupted service. Apart from all these major equipment, we also supply minor attachments that are vital for better audio visual performance. We do supply some light equipment for lighting purpose required for any event or program.