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AI Tracking Video Conferencing Solution

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Classroom Centric VC Solution!

  • Use prevailing VC platform to provide virtual attendance to students who are unable to physically attend the class
  • Allow remote students to see and listen to whatever their physically present colleagues are able to !! make them virtually join the class
  • AI based teacher tracking keeps teacher as the prime focus in the class.
  • Completely hands free & user friendly solution. create a studio in every classroom.

Hybrid Teaching VC Solution Philips PSE0560PRO

Budget-friendly Video Conferencing Solution for Classrooms

  • AI tracking allows the teacher or presenter to move freely about the room and focus on writing/teaching- do what they do best-without bothering about technology.Camera quietly keeps tracking the teacher!
  • 2K resolution and auto focus allows the teacher to clearly display 3D objects/specimens etc.
  • AI based auto zoom feature keeps zooming in and out without teacher's intervention.
  • Philips integrated wireless microphone does its work unobtrusively in the background and allows the teacher to remain in control of teaching.